The Kingdom Magazine has a new home! During this refinement period, we have developed a more concise and pleasurable experience for our subscribers to enjoy and receive all Kingdom content and news. The Kingdom Magazine has moved to All content will be accessible to official Kingdom Heirs and Heiresses via this platform. In order…

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Interview with Kingdom Over Everything’s Co-Creator Brandon T. Jackson

Brandon T. Jackson, known for his roles in the blockbuster films: Tropic Thunder, Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief, Lottery Ticket, and Roll Bounce, has declared his ethnic name—Dawid Ben Yahuda. Dawid Ben Yahuda is the co-founder of Kingdom Over Everything™. He works alongside his partner, The Eternal Creator, who has allowed him to elevate to fulfilling his purposes. These purposes include giving…

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Pandemic Divisiveness

By. Charlotte Roberts You cannot look anywhere without seeing something pertaining to the pandemic. Shutdowns, vaccines, variants, we’ve all been inundated with pandemic talk. With the mainstream media and political figures constantly discussing the pandemic we are now starting to see a new class divide: vaccinated vs unvaccinated. It is no secret that the government…

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Bias Tech Leads Bias Law

By. John Wingo In the past 5 years technology privacy has been the “greatest debater.” Recently Netflix released a docuseries following a team of lawyers who pushed for tech legislation regarding facial recognition titled “Coded Bias.” Facial recognition, (besides crypto currency) is one of the latest tech upsets.  Due to a lack of photos (commonly they are…

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Is CTE The Answer?

By. Charlotte Roberts Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) has gotten a lot of attention lately, particularly with the recent arrest of NFL cornerback, Richard Sherman. It is a degenerative brain disease caused by repetitive head trauma seen mostly in high contact sport athletes and military veterans. Below is a cross-section of a normal brain and a…

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The Great Resignation

By. Charlotte Roberts The pandemic has caused a lot of changes in society. One recent trend stemming from the pandemic is the great resignation where people are quitting their jobs en masse. You can see an example from the viral Burger King sign above in which the entire staff quit their jobs due to upper…

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