Kingdom Over Everything is a private foundation that provides products and services to serve as a catalyst for the preservation of the human race focusing primarily on the indigenous tribes. The Kingdom Over Everything brand is a brand of nobility to bring a light to the darkness by creating initiatives to serve humanity. The Kingdom Over Everything Foundation unites people in the spirit through harmony, peace, and love. We have recognized that social programs can not be the only answer for social issues.

The Kingdom Magazine™ aims to connect the culture to the Kingdom by providing a perspective of righteousness and nobility for all. The Kingdom Magazine™ serves as the voice of the people from a Kingdom perspective. The Kingdom Magazine™ provides a platform for relevant entertainment, education,  community resources, and networking opportunities. By emulating the royal character that we are meant to maintain, we serve as the Kingdom example for all of humanity. We create our image. The Kingdom Magazine™ empowers the indigenous and keeps the Eternal Order.

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