Pandemic Divisiveness

By. Charlotte Roberts You cannot look anywhere without seeing something pertaining to the pandemic. Shutdowns, vaccines, variants, we’ve all been inundated with pandemic talk. With the mainstream media and political figures constantly discussing the pandemic we are now starting to see a new class divide: vaccinated vs unvaccinated. It is no secret that the government…

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Why The Cosby Case Is So Polarizing

By. Charlotte Roberts As you may have heard, Bill Cosby, 83, has been released from prison after serving nearly three years of a sexual assault conviction from 2018. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overturned this conviction on the grounds that Cosby had a previous “non-prosecution agreement” before standing trial. This was not a technicality, but…

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Return to Honor

By. Tia April Honor can be defined as one of high esteem, a sound reputation or one exalted to high office. This concept of honor meaning dignity, reputation, and office points to honors’ oldest known etymology in the Latin word honorem. In our contemporary society, honor is not a word used much in spoken conversation. We…

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