With all of the uproar over Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoe’ (now unavailable due to an apropos Nike lawsuit…yikes), it’s easy to wonder where is the counterpunch to this craziness? Enter Kingdom Heirs! This shoe has been in the works since 2018, but thankfully it is now available for pre-order.

This is a unique opportunity to send a message. So many people are against the ‘Satan Shoe’ and want to see more positive examples in the world. If you stand for righteousness, nobility, and peace, then take the side of the Kingdom. Claim your inheritance and rock the Kingdom Heirs with us!

For more information on the shoes, check out the press release below:

The sleek shoe design has garnered great interest, but many people have made comments about the cost of the shoes being $215. In comparison to other shoes on the market, that is a fair price, and far below the $1018 ‘Satan Shoes’ that sold out in mere minutes! Please see Brandon T. Jackson’s (Dawid Ben Yahudah Ben Yisra’El) response:

As you can see, the price point is very reasonable with all things considered. The proceeds go back into the community to help people. Why not take part in looking stylish while also pouring into your community?

See what people are saying:

“Imagine if we had our own products to feed our own community, imagine if we had shoes that the world loved but the Currency came back to us … become an Heir of the kingdom and pre-order now!” Brandon T. Jackson (Dawid Ben Yahuda Ben Yisra’El)

Choose wisely which side you are on…

Visit thekingdomclothing.life to pre-order your pair now!

Posted by:Charlotte Roberts

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