ALL PRAISE BE TO THE MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY OUR POWER AND STRENGTH. Greeting you in the spirit of shalom, humility and repentance towards the ALMIGHTY, THE HOLY ONE OF YISRAEL.

On behalf of the United Nation of Yisrael, our Nation, your Nation, one Nation under the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH, I hope that this message finds you in good spirits. 

The ALMIGHTY has called forth a people, YAH has surnamed them by his holy name Yisrael. We the so-called negro, African American, black, colored…etc, are that remnant seed of the Nation of Yisrael. We are that remnant for we have suffered being fragmented and separated from our seed and heritage, through many means and degrees of separation, which has perpetuated our ignorance concerning our Nationality. Disconnected from our nationality, we continue to be disconnected from our land of inheritance, our law(s) according to Torah, our ethnic identity, and our people group, for it is the punishment of YAH for walking contrary to HIS will in time pass. Sadly our nationality as a people has been unimportant to us, which is most important in the establishment of a people, which is the same reason why we ignorantly identity with the many social constructs created by our oppressors.

 As a people we have bared the blessing and the curse, and for our trespasses we have suffered much justified affliction cast upon us by our MAKER. As it has been written, YAH has given HIS words of prophecy to HIS servants, given to the servants, HIS prophets to speak “WHAT THUS SAITH YAH”. In time pass the word of the ALMIGHTY given to the prophets, was given to speak to HIS people to warn them, although our ancestors didn’t listen or take heed to the many warnings. As the words of the ALMIGHTY was given in time passed, as it is written, the arm of the ALMIGHTY is not slack today, for YAH has a message for HIS people in this day. The question is will we continue as our forefathers, not to listen, and to walk in disobedience, or have we learned our lesson? Only time will tell. The MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH is not just a power as it is written on the pages of a book, for the power of YAH is at hand, and HE continues to speak through HIS servants even in this day. Therefore in the spirit of obedience, humility, and repentance towards YAH, we would like to present to you “The UNY SPEAKS”, Prophetic Corner. 

The UNY Speaks, Theocracy and Prophetic corner is dedicated to inform our people about WHAT THUS SAITH THE ALMIGHTY YAH in this day. The importance of Nationality, and what Nationality means to us, is the message from YAH in this day, and will be the basis of the show which is dedicated to educate our people. The message will be to inform our people that they are a nation, with a land of inheritance, laws that govern them and their land as a governmental structure as it is written in Torah, and the Tanak, that we have a people group and ethnic identity created by the ALMIGHTY. We will have several guest speakers from time to time, to talk about topics that are directly related to our people, and what we have been subjected to in these lands that we have been scattered to throughout the four corners of the earth. This show is to spark the minds of our people to unify as a nation, to tell our story, and to paint our own narrative. It is time out from learning about our people from the lies told to us by those that have oppressed us, for YAH is awakening the Lion of Yahudah in this day to emerge from the thickets to speak. By the power of the ALMIGHTY, the servants of YAH shall speak to tear down and to build up. We are in a time of great awakening, a time that YAH will set the record straight, a time for the judgment of YAH to be cast by YAH, upon the enemies of YAH, upon those that have sought out to destroy his glory, whom are HIS people, and upon all those that have walked and continue to walk contrary to HIS will.

We would like to thank our readers, and we will continue to share words for today according to what thus saith YAH, through the “UNY SPEAKS” hosted Shamayah Samuel Yasharahla – Minister of Information for the United Nation of Yisrael. Stay in connection with the magazine Kingdom Over Everything to stay informed about our Nation, the Nation of Yisrael’s national news. 

May the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY OUR POWER AND STRENGTH continue to keep you and guide you in the spirit of humility, obedience, repentance, and peace. 


Posted by:Samuel Ben Israel