Hear O Yisrael and consider. The MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH, is our POWER AND STRENGTH, for YAH is  our MAKER, who formed us as a nation out of a rock, for out of the loins of Avraham the ALMIGHTY did  carve out a people for HIS glory, and by his word we were birthed. For the word of YAH caused Avraham  

and Sarah at the age of 100 to conceive, bringing forth a child named by the ALMIGHTY as Isaaq, who brought forth a son by the name of Yacob, whom YAH renamed as Yisrael. The nation of Yisrael being  comprised of 12 sons and 1 daughter is the fulfillment of the word of YAH, prophesied to Abram in  Genesis 15: 12-14. Out of Egypt our ancestors were brought forth, purged in the wilderness for forty years, and given a land flowing with milk and honey, previously inhabited by other mighty nations, and  YAH delivered all of them into our hands. YAH was our KING, but despite all that YAH had done, despite  all that was proven through HIS POWER AND STRENGTH, we asked to be like the rest of the nations.  Who does that? YAH had declared that we were to be a peculiar people, above all other nations in  praise and in glory, but that didn’t matter to us, for we chose to continue to reject our MAKER. We  asked for a king from among man, rejecting YAH our MAKER. YAH complied with this request, which I  can only imagine the pain as a father and a husband, being rejected by my children and my wife. Through the mouth of the prophet Samuel, and although saddened and hurt by this request, Samuel  proceeded as an obedient servant would, for it was YAH that Yisrael rejected, as many of us still reject  YAH today for an idol.  

A child was born, not the popular choice, but chosen by YAH, David the shepherd boy, who was  anointed to be king. For the word of YAH remains with David, a man after YAH’s own heart, and even the seed of David even in this day, shall the seat of governance that YAH established in Yahudah shall it remain. The nation was brought forth, and the place where YAH chose to place HIS name was within the  gates of Yahudah, in the City of David, for YAH has chosen Yarusalem. Through many battles, with many  great and mighty nations were we victorious because of the ALMIGHTY YAH who has provided and  protected us at every turn, but we still found a way to give forth our praise to idols. How can this be, for  how can we turn from the one that has loved us the most, to follow after vanity? Has not YAH shown us  that he was with us, for it was not by our own power did we defeat other nations, but it was by YAH. As  a Husband, YAH, has shown us great love and compassion, that is comparable to no other, but we still  found a way to neglect YAH, as an adulterous wife. Even in this day we continue to be guided by false  doctrine, religion, and a faith basis that was constructed through Christianity. Paradigms and social  constructs have continued to be our downfall. We entered into a covenant agreement, with YAH, which is the same as the words of a contract in this day, which terms were given for being obedient, being in good standing by following the ordinances of the covenant, and with terms for violation, walking contrary to the covenant agreement. This is why it is important to understand the word of the  ALMIGHTY from Genesis to Malachi from the standpoint of “NATION” and not doctrine, religion, belief,  and what seems right in one’s own mind. For religion, belief and doctrine has corrupted the minds of our  people when they read the word of their MAKER, THE MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH.  

It is obvious, if we open our eyes, and our ears, that we as a nation rejected YAH, and breached the  covenant agreement, for we find ourselves in a state of affliction as a result of such a violation. Hear O  Yisrael and consider for we as a nation have suffered greatly and continue to suffer even in this day.  Deuteronomy 28 gives explicit details of the affliction that we would come to suffer for breaching the 

covenant, and every point indicated proves not only that we were and are in violation, but it proves that  we are that people, and that nation that rejected YAH. Although YAH sent HIS word to us through the  mouths of many prophets to keep our people on the right path, we have chosen to kill, and reject the  correction that was given. As a result our nation was split into two. Yisrael, comprised of 11 tribes, and  Yahudah were in great opposition for many years, but the seat of authority never left Yahudah. Over the  years, Yisrael had gone into captivity, and later Yahudah joined Yisrael in the same way. The ALMIGHTY’S word says that we would suffer affliction, serve our enemies, and their gods, both wood and stone,  which has materialized continually in this day.  

In, or around 70CE when Yarusalem was destroyed by the Roman Empire under the roman general Titus,  Yahudah with some of Benjamin, and some of Levi were in Yarusalem at that time. After the destruction  of Yarusalem, we fled into Arabia, the land of Ishmael. We dwelt in that land for a few hundred years, and   around 610CE there was an Ishmaelite named Muhammad, born in Mecca in 570CE that studied the  Torah, and understood that Yisrael was the chosen people of YAH. He believed that his greater god Allah  gave him a revelation that would replace the Yisraelites, the Seed of Avraham, Isaac, and Yacob, YAH’s  chosen People, with his people the Ismaelites who are also the seed of Avraham. For those that didn’t  know, the Ishmaelites are the seed and posterity of Ishmael, Avraham’s first born son, born to him  through Hagar the handmaid of Sarai as it is written in Genesis 16: 1-11. Muhammad adopted the  Torah, later creating the Koran, to replace Yisrael with Ishmael, through his creation of the doctrine  called Islam. Historically, Ismaelites also known as Arabian people, were polytheists, which is the belief in  more than one god, with Allah being the greatest of all their deities that they worshiped. During the time when Yisrael dwelt in Arabia, there were wars between Yisrael and the Arabic people (Ishmaelites). Yisrael was defeated, forced to adopt Islam, and then sold into captivity through what is called the Sub-Saharan slave trade, which lasted from about 670CE to about 1400CE. During that time our people were sold as slaves, indentured servants, which had a time period of servitude, and were not  treated as chattel property, but were sold throughout the continent known today as Africa, which was  known previously as Alkebulan.  

Many of our people across the world, throughout the four corners of the earth, have adopted Islam,  which if you study your history, our history, we have no business ever embracing the religion and  doctrine of Islam. As a curse for disobedience did YAH say in his word that we would serve our enemy  and their gods, which is of an absolute truth. There are two religions that have swallowed up our people  and one of them is Islam. Allah is not the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH, THE MAKER OF Yisrael, for it is a  false idol that our ancestors were first forced to embrace, and now because of our ignorance we  willingly embrace such a doctrine, religion, and idol. Therefore as we awaken to know who we are, we  shall come to know the wickedness of our ways. The ALMIGHTY placed this kind of affliction on us, for  we rejected HIM, and wanted to be like the rest of the nations, and committed fornication against YAH,  in the praise and worship of other gods, idols with no power.  

Within the borders of Alkebulan most of our ancestors were forced to adopt to the culture of the land  that they were within, with only a few that held on to our ancient heritage as Yisraelites. During 1400CE  the Portuguese with a quest of exploration, of what was called the wilderness, being the continent of  what is called North America, sought after slaves in the form of free labor. Therefore they engaged the  shores of what is now called West Africa, to purchase slaves. They were very successful in their  endeavors, and had stolen and purchased many Africans from the result of internal wars between the  different tribes in Alkebulan/Africa. There was still the ability to distinguish between those that were 

Hebrews of the Nation of Yisrael, and those that were native to Alkebulan/Africa which were of Hamitic lineage. Many Hebrews were captured in the spoils of war and sold to the Portuguese, who had taken those same slaves to the Caribbean Islands including, Haiti, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Dominican  Republic, Mexico, Trinidad, South America, and the latter to what is known as the United States. This was  called the Transatlantic slave trade from the 1400s to about 1850CE.  

Before we continue with what happened during the transatlantic slave trade, as mentioned earlier,  there were two religions that have swallowed up our people across the four corners of the earth, one  being Islam, which we discussed above. The other doctrine and belief structure is Christianity, which was  mainly what we know today as Catholicism, or what the new testament believers read in the book of  revelations as Nicolaitans. Historically Christianity is the mother and producer all its other off shoot doctrinal children such as: 

1. Catholic Church 

2. Eastern Catholic Church 

3. Eastern Orthodox 

4. Oriental Orthodox 

5. Protestant Faith 

6. Anglican Communion  

7. Restorationist 

8. Nontrinitarianian 

9. Independent Catholic denominations 

10. Church of the East 

If we take a closer look each one of these doctrines listed above have many sub doctrines, which we will  list below which includes those that are of Protestant faith and the number of people that follow such  as: 

1. Protestantism 792,000,000 

i. Pentecostalism 612,000,000 

ii. Assemblies of God 60,000,000 

iii. New Apostolic Church 8,000,000 

iv. Church of God in Christ 6,500,000 

2. Baptist 100,000,000 

i. Southern Baptist Convention 16,000,000 

3. Lutheranism 87,000,000 

i. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 5,000,000 

4. Methodism 75,000,000 

i. United Methodist Church 12,000,000 

ii. African Methodist Episcopal Church 3,000,000 

5. Reformed Churches 75,000,000 

i. Presbyterian Church USA 3,000,000 

ii. United Church of Christ 1,000,000 

6. Non-Denominational Evangelicalism 40,000,000 

i. Calvary Chapel 25,000,000 

ii. The Vineyard 15,000,000

7. Restorationism 20,000,000 

i. Seventh-day-Adventists 17,000,000 

ii. Church of Christ 5,000,000 

iii. Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 1,000,000 

8. Anabaptism 4,500,000 

i. Mennonites 1,500,000 

ii. Amish 250,000 

9. Nontrinitarianism 36,000,000 

i. Jehovah’s Witnesses 7,700,000 

ii. Mormonism 14,700,000 

This information is given so that you can see not only that Christianity has many doctrinal children, but  also given so that you can see that all of this only means confusion, and is not of the MOST HIGH  ALMIGHTY YAH. Many of the Christian doctrines support the belief in their savior known to them as  Jesus Christ, taught to them through the new testament writings.  

Today many are starting to awaken partially, and I say partially because many of us in that process still  hold on to much of the Christian doctrine and its foundational belief structure. Although we are  awakening to know that we are Hebrews of the 12 tribes of Yisrael, it is based upon a doctrinal, faith,  and belief structure, and not according to our nationality as Yisraelites. Therefore, because of what was  forced upon us as slaves, which through the transatlantic slave trade we were brought to the many  islands and shores of what is now known as North, South, and Central America, we developed an adaptation, passion, and love for much of the Christian doctrines. To this point in this day, even when  the truth is exposed, many of us will reject such truths, because of the indoctrination, colonization, and  domestication that have created many religious social ideals that have molded the minds of our people.  We are now blind followers of doctrines and idols that have not brought forth any deliverance to our  people. Although we have been very well educated, we have not learned to think outside of the systems  of exploitations that control our very thought process. To even be aware of this fact, it can only be  because the ALMIGHTY YAH has awakened you. The rabbit hole goes deep, and as it was mentioned in  the Movie “The Matrix”: 

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story  ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red 

pill – you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. Remember: all  I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.” 

With that being said, what YAH is offering in his word the Torah, and Tanak, from Genesis to Malachi is  the truth, not faith, doctrine, or belief. The information provided above likewise is offered to you as the truth of the matter.  

Hear O Yisrael and consider, consider well the evidence before your eyes, and awake from your deep  slumber, for YAH is calling you out of affliction, and out of the wilderness of the people. Our time of  purging has been upon us for years, and we are near our end. There will be many that will continue in  the ways of false doctrine, given to idol worship and what seems right in one’s own mind. Look at the  evidence, has there been anyone that has delivered our people, that have been scattered throughout  the four corners of the earth from the affliction that we have been subjected to? Did Christ or Allah 

deliver us from the Sub-Sharan and/or Transatlantic slave trade, lynching, treated as chattel property on  the plantation, stripped from family, our men and women raped, murdered, mutilated, dismembered,  used as test experiments to advance modern medicine in the fields of Gynecology, and Pediatric  medicine? Our ancestors, our Mothers, Wives, and our Sisters, were all used in a barbaric way while on  the plantation as test subjects, without anesthesia, with experimental tools painfully inserted to the  vaginal area, treating our ancestors as animal test subjects. Our children were used also in the same way  and many of them died from such experiments to advance what we know as pediatric medicines. Our  people have suffered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in what was called “Black Wall Street”, Rosewood, the Marcus  Garvey Movement, Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, and now, Black Lives Matter Movement. But have  our lives really mattered? Have we been delivered? Did what we do in our own strength deliver us? Did  we continue to suffer? To answer that question all you have to do is open your eyes to see that there  has been no savior, no Jesus Christ, and no Allah has delivered us. Just because some of us chose to  rename Jesus Christ with the name Yashuah Ha Mashayach doesn’t make this lie true. There was only  Yashuah which was the son of Nunn raised up like unto Moshe. Please read the book of Joshua  (Yashuah) starting at chapter 1, which is the only Yashuah, that didn’t give the people rest from the  commandments of YAH. This Yashuah led Yisrael crossing over Jordan into the promised land, the land of  our inheritance, the land of Canaan, which was divided by lot according to the 12 tribes of Yisrael.  

Many times through false doctrine it is taught in error that Isaiah chapter 7, 9, and 53 is talking about this false idol Jesus Christ. The foundation of Christianity has continued to overshadow our minds even  when it comes to reading the word of YAH, to make the new testament and its idol fit into the  scriptures. Because we have been taught that the denial of the son, which is the belief in Jesus Christ as Christians, as the one and only son of the ALMIGHTY, is to deny the FATHER, and is why many take issue  with the truth that Jesus Christ is a false idol. To deny the son is to deny the Father is new testament  doctrine and not the word of YAH. Nowhere in the new testament do you see or hear YAH speak directly to anyone in the new testament as he spoke and as it is written in the scriptures from Genesis to  Malachi. I encourage the reader to go back and read the word of YAH, not from a doctrinal, faith, and  belief standpoint, but read it from the perspective of nation, and the governmental structure  established for Yisrael. The ALMIGHTY never spoke to no other nation but Yisrael, for Yisrael is his first  born son as it is written Exodus 4: 22-23, YAH declared Yisrael to be HIS first born son.  

In conclusion it is time to put from among us all idols, putting from among us Christianity, Islam, Jesus  Christ and whatever other name one may call such an idol, putting also aside Allah, and turn to YAH your  POWER AND STRENGTH. By the mouth of the Prophet Isaiah in chapter 43, YAH has declared that there  is no other power, savior, and or deliverer besides HIM. Turn to YAH, and take his word for what it says  without any additions to make it what you want it to mean. With that being said let all Yisrael be edified.  

By Elder Shamayah Samuel Yasharahla

Posted by:Samuel Ben Israel