If you have had a hard time finding cards to send loved ones for the High Holy days or even to send words of encouragement with The Most High’s name, you need look no further than Shalom Shalom Greeting Cards. The owner, Sakal Shalom has met that need and created a Hebrew Hallmark of sorts, offering post cards and greeting cards at an affordable price. Please read further to learn more about her and her journey to create Shalom Shalom Greeting Cards!

What interested you in going into the greeting card business? 

Before we came into the truth and stopped keeping pagan holidays, before then I was all about keeping pagan holidays, you know, Christmas or whatever. Then I noticed that there’s nothing really to send for Yah’s feast days. I’m looking around and looking around and there were always Jewish type greeting cards. I’m at the store and you want to encourage someone, and you’ll see “Trust in the LORD with all your heart” you know, and it’s like oh I wish they had His real name there! So being frustrated and not finding the need there created the need for myself. So, ok, why don’t I produce this for our people? With that, 10 percent of all of our profits goes towards helping meet the needs of someone in our nation. During these times and all that we go through, getting a surprise note in the mail instead of just an easy comment on Facebook means a whole lot more. 

You brought up an interesting point. You said that you can see some cards that are like encourage yourself in the LORD. But you wanted the actual name there. Can you tell us more about what you wanted to accomplish by bringing back the ancient language and putting that in your cards? 

Well, the scripture talks about proclaiming His name and that’s one way to do it. We have learned that L-O-R-D has replaced His name. We have cards and we also have postcards. So, if someone is sending a postcard out, to people who just happen to see the card (in the post office, or whoever delivers it) there’s no envelope that it goes in. So, it’s helping people become more aware of Who our Creator is and what His name is. A lot of times on my cards I put Yah because we know in our nation people pronounce His name many different ways. We cut it to Yah because we can all agree on that. That way it could reach more of our people and as it goes out it gets people in that habit of seeing it or saying it and to know that this is real. It is His name and we use it. It is the name of our Elohim. 

That’s a powerful thing in and of itself. It’s taking something and putting it in a physical realm so that you can connect to it in a different way. Do you feel like you are also helping our people feel more of a sense of culture and pride in their heritage by having this company?

Absolutely! I am a huge believer in us walking in who we are just in every measure of our culture. We read, and we hear how other nations have their gods, but we need to proclaim Yah as ours. So, it is our culture, it is our life, it is who we are. I think it’s really important that we in every aspect walk in our royalty and our royalty is only connected to our creator. So, it is honoring Him to proclaim His name however we can. 

How did you decide upon the name of your company Shalom Shalom? 

One is, I love shalom. I like to live in shalom and for everything around me to be without chaos. Which is what shalom means. My husband and I wanted our cards to bring peace to people when they get them, to feel Yah’s shalom. We try and design our cards so that when you look at them, it takes you to another place. 

Have you faced any obstacles when trying to break into this business?

The only obstacles I have faced are our people going through hard times and not being able to really go after and support it. Which is why this year we introduced postcards, which start at $1.50. The cards are $3.95. So, we thought we’ll do some postcards and maybe that will be easier for our people to afford and to share. Our biggest thing is just to continue to grow. Right now, we have greeting cards for feast days and for Hanukkah, for Purim, and we have Todah Rabah for thank you very much. We have congratulations, or mazel tov. Then we also have encouragement scripture cards with Yah’s name on them. So, our next move is to get into happy anniversary, weddings, and baby showers. We also have featured artists in the Hebrew nation that we also use and help artists out. So, we give them more than we make in profit for artists who are trying to get their art out there as well. 

Is your business strictly online, and if so, do you have plans on moving to a storefront? 

We are strictly online. If we move to a storefront, it would only probably be in a deal to be in a Hebrew store. For example, we are actually in Idaho in two Albertsons stores. We would love to be able to offer support to our people who have stores, and they can put our cards in their stores. We can help each other. The next step is to become the Hallmark for the Hebrew people. That’s the vision! Some of our cards coming up will have depictions of people who look like us, either in art, cartoon form, or I’ll find models. I just want things to build up our community, to see families together, to see fathers with their daughters and sons. I just want to build on our royalty. The stereotypes that are placed upon our people I want our greeting cards to squash those too. I want our people to get used to seeing these beautiful depictions of themselves.

That’s true and it’s powerful. The more positive imagery we have out there, the more things that connect us back to The Most High and our heritage, the stronger we become. The more real it is.  

Exactly, the more real it is. 

Any last words you’d like to leave with our readers? 

Well, before that, I wanted to bring out something that is new that we’re bringing up with greeting cards. Greeting cards are now used as a keepsake. That means you can take a Passover card for you and for someone else. Or, if you’re going to take your gift during Passover you can put it in there. If you take your card with you typically you’re sitting at a table with whomever. But, the keepsake portion is whomever you’re with that year and have them sign it so that you can look back on it and say oh this is who I was with this year. Also, the cardstock is so nice that you can use it as part of your decoration from each year. So, they change. They’re not going to be the same cards for the feasts each year. We bring out new ones. So, you can always bring those out as well to make them a part of your decorations. And to your readers, we love them! We love our people! Yahuwah loves them! He cares! Encourage one another as often as possible. Even something so little can just brighten someone’s day. Can you imagine sending someone a card and they don’t know they’re getting it? Then they open their mail that’s full of bills and then they see this postcard or greeting card that says you are loved, Yah? Can you imagine that? That came right on time! You never know what that can do for someone. Who’s just hanging on? So that is the plan and to help our people. Like if someone needs help or a light bill paid, we do set aside giving. When we hear that someone inside our nation has a need, we do our best to meet it. 

Please take a look at some of the Shalom Shalom greeting card offerings below and visit the website at https://shalomshalomgreetingcards.com/.

Posted by:Charlotte Roberts