Brandon T. Jackson, known for his roles in the blockbuster films: Tropic Thunder, Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief, Lottery Ticket, and Roll Bounce, has declared his ethnic name—Dawid Ben Yahuda. Dawid Ben Yahuda is the co-founder of Kingdom Over Everything™. He works alongside his partner, The Eternal Creator, who has allowed him to elevate to fulfilling his purposes. These purposes include giving to his passions of truth, peace, and love while preserving and gathering the twelve indigenous tribes back to their indigenous land. Once we are home, Dawid can foresee peace brought to the human race. 

Brandon, or Dawid Ben Yahuda has decided to retire from Hollywood to act out the Eternal Script that will bring glory and honor to the Eternal Creator. “The twelve indigenous tribes who were taken from their land must be gathered. The twelve tribes who were stripped of their heritage—still to this day—are threatened by civilizations that want to substitute culture for capitalistic gain instead of preserving the original order of the Eternal Creator which culturally and biologically belongs to the indigenous.” —Dawid Ben Yahuda. 

Brandon, can you tell us about your decision to retire from Hollywood and become a humanitarian? 

My number one goal is to please The Most High, number 1. One thing we have to be careful of is making ourselves into idols. As much as I love filmmaking, Hollywood doesn’t glorify the Father. If the films glorify the Eternal Creator and His order, it’d be easier to do it. So, I had to retire from Hollywood films because none of it upholds the code of what The Most High is showing me to do. But then I’d also rather pick up the eternal script, which is written before time, and to work with that instead of just being in front of the screen. The eternal script allows you to be known for eternity. When you’re with The Most High you don’t have to seek fame because He’ll let your name be known for eternity. 

What was it about being in Hollywood that led you to your decision to leave?

Well, one is that most Hollywood films, when it comes down to men of color and indigenous people, they see us a certain way. We’re never the full hero. Even if we are the full hero, the next movie they try to kill us off. Anytime we get a king or somebody that’s great, they always try to kill him off or make sure it’s not right and make sure it’s not above them. The white savior is what it is in Hollywood. If you are the savior, it’s like one, maybe like Denzel. That’s all we have. They never want to show a black savior or someone that saves us or looks like us. It’s too powerful and they try to find a way to muzzle it. I learned that being on different sets where they would tell me to go behind the white guy when I was taking pictures for the advertising. They’d position me in a way where I was always second. But The Most High saw me as first. But they saw me as second. So, I’d rather work in The Most High’s kingdom because He gives you an opportunity to be a righteous king when you walk upright with Him. In the kingdom of Hollywood, they always want you to be subservient and you’re a slave and a citizen. So, I’d rather be in order with The Most High and have Him raise me up instead of Hollywood raise me up. The Most High is not going to share His glory with Hollywood. 

Right! Tell us about the “Take Off the Dress” poem.

So, I did a poem called “Take Off the Dress” because it kind of symbolized everything I’m talking about when it comes down to Hollywood, with emasculating us, the whole world emasculating us, the whole empire that we’re in. The United States of America has been emasculating us. All the men on valor need to wake up now. Take off the dress and don’t be scared because The Most High is with us.

If you were to ever do any more movies, what would be your focus?

I would like to do a biblical movie. My favorite that would be a good movie would probably be a King David movie. That’d be a great movie for us to see. I have a picture that looks like him. I saw it and said I could play that role.

King David rendition

What drew you to that role?

It just reminds me a lot of me, like how I’m always being delivered from things. It’s about how everyone underestimates what The Most High can do. Having the heart to serve The Most High over everything…that’s where we came up with “Kingdom Over Everything”. It seemed like that’s what King David was about, but, being the least likely one and The Most High chose him. Those movies with giants and war, I’ve always loved those movies growing up. I would always act like I was in those movies. We don’t really have those types of movies in our imaging. So, it would be dope to see our people as ancient kings. We don’t have those movies. They [Hollywood] never want to make those movies. 

So, you said that you became a humanitarian. Tell us more about what your role is now.

Well, my role is to help the indigenous tribes. Help gather them and to assist in The Most High’s plan to help bring them in their land and to just do what He’s really saying to gather ourselves together. That’s a choice but we have to do what The Most High says to do. I hear so many Israelites say we can’t gather. That’s your choice. You gather on Facebook, so, why can’t you gather with your people? It doesn’t make sense. I just feel like it’s more of a stubborn issue. 

If you had to name three new characteristics that you gained through this journey, what are they?

Awareness, servitude, and true love.

Have you had any letdowns on this walk so far?

I haven’t had any letdowns with The Most High. I’ve had letdowns with people, but I haven’t had any let downs with the Father. I just didn’t know how to wait on Him. 

What did you learn from that?

I learned that people are trying to start cults and not build the kingdom. So, I shoo away from all cults. Letdowns are that people are wicked and their hearts are deceitful above all things. So, trust only The Most High.

Yes, His ways are above ours. His understanding is above ours. 


Do you feel that this walk has isolated you at all?

Yes and no. But no, not really. I’m sitting back watching the world go through all this other stuff when I already know what’s coming. So, I’m just waiting. I’m just watching like a movie while everyone thinks I’m crazy, you know. So, no. I’d rather be on this side than that side. Yeah, it’s glamorous [Hollywood], but just imagine what The Most High can do.

Exactly! How has your change in lifestyle affected your family in the last five years? 

A lot of separation, a lot of discomfort, but everyone loves each other so much. No one wants to be wrong and everyone wants to do the right thing. No one knows the right way to do the right thing because it’s so much deception. The Most High will show His will. People never account for The Most High’s will. 

Can you pinpoint any qualities before your awakening that didn’t make sense then that make sense now?

Yeah, I wondered why I always felt like I didn’t belong in Hollywood fully, but I was getting so many jobs. I was being raised up so high and how the Father didn’t allow me to get too big but He allowed me to get big enough. Certain roles I played I wondered why He allowed me to play them. 

What are some examples?

Lottery Ticket, the rooftop scene I said, “If I had the money I would feed the nation.” The scene in Percy Jackson, when I’m taking the keys from Satan, taking the power away from him. Certain things that I look at, I go oh okay, The Most High left clues for me and for people to bear witness that He’s real. 

Anything else you want to leave with the readers?

Yeah, the reason why I left Hollywood is because I never worked for them. I always worked for The Most High and His Kingdom.

When people read The Kingdom Magazine what should they expect to see coming?

The greatest show ever. The greatest glory of The Most High’s Kingdom ever being recorded through our magazine.

One last question for you. What is worse to you, fear or ignorance?

That’s a hard one. Fear. 

Why is that?

Because fear means you know what to do and you’re afraid to do it. To me that’s more cowardly. Ignorance is you just didn’t know. But fear, that means you knew and you still didn’t do it. That’s the worst. You can leave them [readers] with this. I know who I am and that’s for The Most High to reveal. Leave them with that.

Posted by:Charlotte Roberts