The year 2020 keeps rolling with the devastating punches! Many of us are hoping for the year to end, guessing it couldn’t be any worse in the year 2021. Amid the chaos that is Covid-19, another monster that has reared its ugly head is colon cancer. The announcement of the passing of actress Natalie Reid brought another sad recollection after the death of beloved actor Chadwick Boseman. Chadwick Boseman is best known for his performance as the great Black Panther, amongst other great roles such as James Brown and Jackie Robinson. The entertainment world has lost two amazing lights after both had yielded to the disease known as colon cancer. Actress Natalie Desselle dazzled us with her tremendous talent and personality, best known as Mickey in the classic film “B.A.P.S” and her portrayal as Janie on the series “EVE”. The world will deeply miss these two great spirits that brought so much laughter and joy to the world with their God-given talents.

Colon cancer is the 2nd deadliest cancer in the United States. The American Cancer Society has stated that “African Americans are 20% more likely to get colon cancer and 40% more likely to die from it”.  These percentages are based on factors such as healthcare access and socioeconomic status, yet still, systematic racial disparities play a big part.  The point is that colorectal cancer is making a huge rise in younger people, so early screening may be necessary. This step can help prevent the disease or catch it at an early stage where it is treatable.  The treatments available for colon cancer include surgery, radiation therapy, and drug treatments such as targeted therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. The risk factors for colon cancer differ from other cancer types, if you have these risk factors you should consider changing what you can.

Risk Factors:

Being overweight or obese: Being overweight raises the risk of colon cancer in both men and women but getting to and maintaining a healthy weight may help lower your risk.  

Not being physically active: Not being physically active raises your chance for colon cancer, even moderate exercise is helpful to lowering your risks.

Certain types of diets: A diet that’s high in red meats (such as beef, pork, or liver) and processed meats (like hot dogs and some luncheon meats) raises your cancer risk. Incorporate a healthier eating pattern, with more fruits, vegetables, and grainsAlcohol use: Even light-to-moderate alcohol intake has been associated with some risk. 

Posted by:Anna Israel